Dear guests,

due to so many challenges our hotel procedures are jumbled but despite all health and safety arrangements we would like to ensure you the highest possible vacation experience.  

Feel comfortable with distance and to a good and healthy togetherness! 

Be healthy and stay healthy 

  • Outside of your hotel room wearing a mask is mandatory! During meals, when you are seated at a table you can remove the mask
  • Hand sanitizers dispensers are available 
  • On arrival and depature please wash your hands thoroughly 
  • Please keep distance to other guests and staff in all places (minimum 1.5 m) 
  • All areas are cleaned and disinfected repeatedly during the day according to the health regulations 

Before arrival

  • We are looking forward to accomodating you. Please pay attention to common cold symptoms. In case you show any symptoms please postpone your visit. Do not jeopardize your health or others‘. 
  • All guests receive a Covid-19-self-declaration at arrival 

We recommend our Pre-CheckIn for a contact-free check in process:

Please send us the following information on all fellow travellers 
- Last name, prename, street, street number, postcode and city
- date of birth
-  license plate
We will prepare your key, all documents and your FüssenCard for you in advance. 


  • Please keep distance (minimum 1.5m) in the parking lot as well
  • Please ensure that there are only people from one household at the reception for check in at a time
  • Our front desk is currently open from 8am – 8pm

Internet bookings via booking, HRS, Expedia and other platforms 

  • Bookings after 30th May 2021 do NOT include breakfast. Due to recent regulations we cannot use full capacity.  Breakfast is subject to availability. Unfortunately we cannot offer any reservations in advance. Please ask on-site for availability. Thank you for your understanding. 


  • You will be accompanied to your table, here you can take off your mask. Unfortunately we cannot reserve a table of your choice in advance due to limited capacity. 
  • We continuously go in for quality and regionality. Our staff will put together your breakfast choices at our buffet.    
  • Much as we support sustainability, there are a few things at breakfast where we cannot implement it anymore. We guarantee the highest level of safety, that is why we have to go back to some prepackaged items or products. We will still serve coffee and tea to your table.
  • Dinner for half-board guests will be served between 6.30 pm-8.30pm. Please have a seat before 7.30pm to be at liberty to enjoy your dinner.  
  • Guests without any reservation can only be served if there is still capacity (reservations can be made until 10am on the same day) 
  • Meal times can vary according to numbers of guests. They are subject to alterations


  • Bathrooms on the main floor are closed. Please use the toilet in your hotel room.


  • To reduce contact with others, elevators will be only for handicapped guests and guests with heavy baggage. We would like to ask you to use the stairs. 
  • Please make sure that there is only one person, or only persons of one hotel room in the elevator at the same time. 
  • It is desinfected regularly.

Maid service

  • You will find your room freshly cleaned and desinfected. Staff is instructed to only clean the rooms without guests being present.
  • If you do not need any room cleaning you will receive a little thank you gift. Please notify the front desk. 

Wellness Treatments

  • We can offer you almost all treatments. Please book it at the front desk.  
  • Please come to your treatment freshly showered and in your bathrobe 
  • Everything that is needed for your wellness treatment will be available at the spa. Please leave phones, purses, towels, etc. in your room. 
  • Possible delays because of disregard will shorten your treatment time 


  • The sauna is open in compliance with corona hygiene rules. But it can only be used after pre-registration at the front desk. The sauna is open in two shifts (4pm-6:30pm or 7pm-9pm) maximum capacity per shift is 5 persons Unfortunately the steam bathes have to remain closed. 


  • If possible, please pay your stay contact-free with debit or credit card. 

Magazines and newspapers 

  • Unfortunately we cannot offer you any magazines or newspapers at that time

Our staff is instructed to make all guests aware of compliance with these arrangements. Please assist, that we will all stay healthy!  

Thank you from family Allgaier - Derday and staff